Curation Desk: For publishers, associations and other content providers.

Content publishers are turning to content curation and publishing technologies which increase the amount of content that can be published without requiring additional resources. Some of the benefits of using curated content in a publishing strategy include: increasing frequency (change a monthly newsletter to a weekly, a weekly to a daily), adding new titles and newsletters to your catalogue and improving the targeting of your newsletters with increased levels of relevant content.

Curation Desk streamlines editorial workflow which enables the rapid creation and publication of curated content to the web and newsletters. With Curation Desk you can continue to use your existing CMS and email marketing services; our technology integrates with CMS and email technology providers and simplifies content curation and delivery. With this integration your editors spend less time finding, editing and publishing content. Instead they become empowered and generate new publications, new titles, more content and more newsletters.

After Curation Desk is set up editors and content managers receive relevant content from the web. They easily choose which articles to edit and publish and use simple drag and drop placing the desired articles into a staging area. With a single click content is published to the web and newsletters using your own customized themes and templates with your advertising.

Use as many different templates for as many different newsletters as you have. Personalize each individual newsletter for as many unique subscribers as you have.

Want to send out one version of your daily newsletter or 500,000 versions of that day’s newsletter? With Curation Desk it’s the same amount of editorial time and same workflow in either case. Maintain maximum relevancy for your subscribers with advanced personalization.

In addition to empowering editors the Categorical system also provides actionable data for business lines. The technology can integrate with analytics software and provide a deep dive into the relationship between terms and revenue.

A typical analytics program used by content publishers will provide metrics related to delivered rates, open rates, clicks, click throughs, etc. These metrics may be automatically delivered or worse yet, may require manual compilation. In either event, other systems do not provide detail at the specific term level.

With Curation Desk for Management you can see specifically what readers are most interested in.

The Categorical system provides metrics that directly link revenue producing actions to specific tagged terms in content associated with ads. Curation Desk integrates those metrics with its content discovery software and learning algorithm. This feature provides information to marketing departments in a simple to use and simple to read and understand dashboard. Publishers can use this data to make decisions about what kind of content to emphasize including what new titles will produce the greatest return on investment. The result is a continuous loop of ever increasing content relevancy leading to increased subscriber interest and increased revenue.