Curation Desk: Dedicated to empowering editors while simplifying their work.

We understand your editors’ customs and habits for gathering, curating and publishing web content. We know this from working hand-in-hand with industry participants for years tracking these steps. Together with editors we have built software that makes it easier to find relevant web content, manage and curate this content and publish it to the web and e-newsletters.  We call it Curation Desk.

Categorical’s Curation Desk is set up with categories, key phrases and a starting set of RSS feeds from sites with relevant content.  Based on those components we search the web with a learning algorithm that finds relevant content and pulls those articles into our dashboard. This dashboard is an example of the content category “Content Curation”.

Editors are in control and set the rules

Articles stream into the Review column.  From there editors and content managers can either push articles to Curate, if they want to edit or make changes, or to Publish if the article is ready. Content editors can work collaboratively inline when curating article content.

Surfing the web is still important

Editors will always surf the web for interesting content.  When they find relevant content, how are they currently posting it to your site?  Probably cutting and pasting and perhaps formatting for your particular CMS.  Using our universal bookmarklet editors can capture and post web based content to Curation Desk with a click.

Newsletter creation is easy and simple

Once the articles have been approved for publication editors click on Create Newsletter.  Editors simply drag and drop the articles to be published to that day’s newsletter. The editor then previews the draft and if all is good publishes it.  The articles drop into the client template including any ads being served. The newsletters are then sent out using whatever email service provider the client uses.

Simple e-newsletter template.

You can also view a recent newsletter from our client, the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association (AOPA), ePilot News here.

Hanley Wood, a $250MM publisher serving the residential and commercial design and construction industries, uses Categorical’s Curation Desk to publish 30+ online titles and newsletters. BUILDER Pulse is issued daily.

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